The Magic of Swiss Fondue!

Dear friends,

I have been an absolute fan of Swiss fondue for over 30 years!

Well, who knows me knows what I am writing about…  😉

Over the years, I have tried hundreds of recipes and created my own masterpieces. I have dealt intensively with the history of the Swiss fondue to understand why this national dish tastes so good.

Fondue is more than just a meal! It is a symbol of being together, being happy and experiencing and sharing something unique.

On this page, I will regularly share my experiences & opinions on this subject. When we discuss fondue, there are so many things to talk about:

– The best recipes and creations

– The best bread for fondue

– Which wine best suits the fondue

– Why red wine is no longer taboo with fondue

– Fondue as a great family event

– Make a fondue from A-Z yourself.

– Learn about the history of the Fondue

– Why fondue is the absolute hammer in summer

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

And who knows, maybe some of you have the century fondue recipe out there…

I wish you a good appetite with “The Magic of Swiss Fondue”!

Michel F. Bolle

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