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Michel F. Bolle – Leading the Swiss Volleyball Men’s National team from 2004 – 2009.

Michel F. Bolle (born 24.4.1970 in Bern Switzerland), is a forward moving executive & entrepreneur. Passionate sales leader and leadership expert, Michel is an action-taking phenomenon and true merchant of “WOW”. Strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits. For over 30 years, Michel has helped and inspired people worldwide to take personal responsibility and step to the potential of their greatness. As a successful entrepreneur, sales executive, volleyball player & coach, leadership expert, military officer, keynote speaker bestselling author, friend & family man, he has this rare ability to tackle everything he tackles with incredible passion and immediately inspires people around him.

Passionate by the industrial valve business Michel F. Bolle is driving teams on a global base towards outstanding excellence in customer service and sustainable sales growth & success.

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